Dr Omar Kaisar and Jillian Kaisar

Nephrologist and General Physician


We have been in the Virtual Medical world for over a decade and have very high standards for the practice management of our very busy specialist nephrology and general physician service. Zipporah provides exactly the type of practice management we have been seeking. She is very client focussed allowing her doctors to conduct their business in their own way – using the software, systems and staff with whom they are most comfortable.

Zipporah has developed an excellent support team – the accounts-keeper, typist, IT technicians, receptionists and herself are all supremely competent and professional. This allows the doctor to manage the clinical in-patient and out-patient load with confidence that everything else is running smoothly in the background.

Zipporah has been very flexible and helpful in the set-up and development of the virtual medical office – all issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently before anything could become a problem.

She has achieved this by keeping a personal touch and individually tailoring solutions to our needs. She offers a complete service and the proof of her success is in the positive feedback from our patients and their family members. We are very appreciative of everything Zipporah has done for us and happy to recommend her to any specialist looking to have a virtual office, stress-free practice management, or recruitment of the perfect support staff.

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