Our Process

We Analyse, Diagnose & Prescribe Solutions

1. We analyse your practice

Whether you are starting a new practice, or you have issues with your existing practice, Prescribe Practice Management is here to help.

After an initial consultation, we will ANALYSE and assess your practice, based on key elements such as specialty, demographic of consulting / operating, potential referral numbers, staffing etc.

We assist you in determining key elements to the success of your practice, whether they be revenue, cost efficiency or streamlined processes.

2. We diagnose your practice

From our analysis, Prescribe Practice Management will DIAGNOSE key issues that may cost or be costing your Medical Practice’s productivity, efficiency and ultimately, all important GP referrals and therefore patients.

Our cumulative years of knowledge and experience with managing medical practices means that we often get to the root of things promptly.

We discuss the challenges you may face in achieving success, then set about providing you with the solutions.

3. We prescribe practice solutions

Once key elements have been found to be either potential or actual inefficiencies within your practice, Prescribe Practice Management will PRESCRIBE the right Practice Solutions.

For new providers, you have the assurance that your practice will be professionally managed and will grow rapidly from strength to strength.

For existing practices, we guarantee a noticeable increase in practice efficiency, GP referrals and staff / patient satisfaction. Stress free Practices are what we’re all about!

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