Dr Melinda Cook

Breast Surgeon


After bumbling through a virtual surgical practice experience for many years, I was recommended Prescribe Practice Management by a colleague.

The level of personal service, attention to detail and consideration of what I wanted has been outstanding. Every issue has been handled with aplomb and no problem has been an unsolvable one. This is the level of service a specialist needs in a virtual medical practice. I get to choose who fronts my reception and have a say in how my practice runs.

The virtual practice idea is a great one for a lot of specialists who don’t need rooms. My practice goes where I am which benefits patients who want to see me at one site more convenient than another. A virtual practice needs a competent, reliable manager and staff. Someone who is supportive of their clients and who is supportive of their staff.

Zipporah and her staff at Prescribe Practice Management have done nothing but impress me. What a relief to be in her competent hands. If you are looking at the idea of a virtual option for your medical practice, you could not do better than Prescribe Practice Management.

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